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Affordable Small Business Websites

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I'm a freelance web designer with a heart for helping small businesses reach their maximum potential

Terms And Conditions

To get started on your website I charge a $999 one time set up fee for design & development. Your monthly hosting of $75mo will start on the first day of the month following the day you sign up. It will continue monthly on the first day of the month until you cancel it. You have 30 days to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your new website for a full refund if you are not. After the initial 30 day period, your hosting and maintenance service can be terminated at any time but no refunds will be issued for monies already paid. My website and hosting package is in combination with each other. I do not build websites that I do not host. That is how I am able to offer such a low development fee.

If payment fails for your monthly hosting, My system will attempt to collect payment until the 5th of the month. If no payment is obtained your website will be made inactive. If no payment is received by the end of the month your website will be taken down.

Your email addresses are connected to your monthly hosting & maintenance plan. You are able to cancel your monthly plan at anytime, but it will also cancel your email addresses. However, they can be transferred to your new hosting provider. I will be happy to walk you though that if the time should come.

If you have me purchase your domain name it will be hosted by me. Even though I purchase the domain name and technically own it, i acknowledge that the domain name belongs to you. In the event you decide to cancel your service with me I will be happy to transfer your domain name to the hosting provider of your choice. Please keep in mind there is a 60 day waiting period between transfers of any domain name. So if you sign up with me on June 1st and I have purchased a domain name on your behalf – then you decide to cancel on July 1st – the transfer would not be able to take place until August 1st. However, you can still change hosting and I can point your domain to your desired hosting company until the transfer is permitted. These are ICAAN rules not mine. Visit for more information.

At any point if you decide you wish to host your website yourself or change hosting providers you can take your website with you. The files will be a charge of $1500.

My business hours are Monday thru Friday from 7am to 7pm Mountain standard time. I do our very best to address all of my customers concerns immediately – or within 24 hours. I usually do not respond to texts, emails, or phone calls, outside of business hours. Including weekends. and holidays.

I can be reached by a phone call or text @ 909-968-0102, and email:

There is a link to the client portal on my website. On the home page of navigate to the Let’s Connect section and select manage your billing. 

If you wish to make any updates or changes to your website, please send me a text or email. I will make the required changes within 48 hours of receiving it. NOT including holidays or weekends.

By clicking [build my website] you agree to my Terms & Conditions of the services I offer.

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